• June 7, 2015
      The mighty Jen Breen and I are leading another yoga and writing retreat at Mar de Jade resort in Mexico from November 15-22, 2015. We'll practice yoga twice daily, led by my teacher Jen, who is--how to put this?--the greatest. And I will teach a TOTALLY NON-THREATENING writing class every morning, focused on but not restricted to memoir. I am happy to report that Mar de Jade is a little slice of heaven, the food is dementedly good, and there's plenty of time left after all that yoga-ing and writing and eating to go to the beach or learn to surf or explore nearby Sayulita or just, you know, collapse. Registration is a multi-part deal: You register for the retreat itself at my home studio Bainbridge Yoga House. Then you register for room and board at Mar de Jade. Then you book your flights and you're done. Please email with any questions via my "Contact" page. The retreat is already, gulp, filling up, so be in touch soon if you're interested.
    • May 7, 2015
      I'm so happy to announce that Knopf has acquired my new memoir in proposal. I'm working on it now and hope it'll see the light of day in 2017 at the latest.