where’s the vegetable garden?

My book will be in stores tomorrow. Earlier today my husband led me outside to our yard. He pointed at the corner of the lawn where we have been planning (but not planting) a vegetable garden for the last two years. He said, “Look. There’s no garden there.” Then he pulled a copy of my book from behind his back. “But you made this instead.”

Sometimes I really, really like him.

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  • We like him too. And you. What a perfectly rendered moment. Just reading the reviews for your book made my day (and changed my perspective, in a good way). Now, to order the book . . .

  • Kathy:

    Just saw your article in People, so I looked you up. Your vegetable garden post made me smile. I am so excited to get your book. Look out 2011!

  • nice job on the site!
    But you need a little widget over there ———->
    to collect our email addresses so you can update us with book tour dates, etc.

  • Kathleen McGill:

    Screw the book club! I just bought your book and everything else will have to wait. PS. I have always really liked Bruce but now I really, REALLY like him.

  • Hi Claire – I know your husband (I helped him create his blog a few years back) and I just wanted to stop by to tell you how much I am enjoying your book. I can’t put it down! I am delighted that we’re getting tons of snow in Boulder today so that I can stay in and keep reading! Thanks for your great writing and your terrific honesty about motherhood.

    Beth Hayden

  • Claire~

    Congratulations on your brilliant new book! I was moved and inspired by your writing. Reading Poser was cathartic and inspiring for me.

    My husband shares the name of Bruce. We have been married for 34 years and have lived in Seattle for a decade. I am 56 and the mother of 11 children. I am a yoga instructor. I found your insights into marriage and yoga to be profound. I think many yoga teachers will begin quoting you during classes, myself included.

    I loved the structure and concept of your book. How original! I hope to attend one of your Seattle book-signings. The themes of forgiveness and plugging along as a way to live a happy life were moving edifying. You are a fine writer, indeed!

    One of our family’s favorite books is Northwest Passages, by the way.


  • Hattie:

    Claire! Your book arrived at my house near lake como italy from the newly opened Amazon.it!!! hurrah, civilisation marches on despite Berlusconi’s best efforts and embarrassing hair etc. I am a mum of two and journalist (was/is/whatever) the kids have destroyed me/are destroying me, irish twins, age 2 and 3 and I am a yoga PERSON for some years who has suddenly become obsessed with it THE ANSWER IS IN THERE SOMEWHERE…I am planning to start my iyengar teacher training in september so I can teach the rich ladyfolk of lake como. Your book has made me laugh out loud and I am only on chapter 3. thanks for the belly laughs, Hattie

  • “some were holding the arms of beginning walkers: arms joyfully shooting into the air like babies testifying at a gospel meeting.”

    love it!

  • Lisa:

    Your husband sounds like a wonderful man! I cannot wait to pick up a copy of your book! I heard about your book (and you) through the Jan issue of Vogue.

  • Deirdre:

    I’m only halfway through your garden, but your vegetables are delicious! well done.

  • N:

    Enjoyed your book and the freedom from perfection!

  • Hi Claire! I don’t know if you remember me from those days at the Phinney Co-op preschool (Blair, daughter Emma). But I wanted to get your book the moment I heard about it and I am really enjoying it, wonderful and insightful. And real. What a meaningful garden you have. Hope you and your family are well!

  • Beth:

    I’ve been holed up in the house the past two days reading Poser. Thanks for warming up my snowed in home! I’ve always loved the idea of yoga but I’m not flexible and felt awkward doing it in a studio. I now realize, thanks to Jonathan, it doesn’t really matter if I never get my heels on the ground in downward dog. Reading the book was like replaying my own early years of motherhood and marriage. I read and marked passages and marveled at how we all go through similar periods of life even when we come from completely differently situations. The beauty of this thing called life is the imperfection of it all. Kind of like the difference between a Formica and granite countertop. It’s the cracks, flaws and imperfections that make it so beautiful. Thank you for sharing your beautiful life with us. I hope you write another book that focuses on the next phase of motherhood and marriage. I’m a few years older and am painfully close to an empty nest. The stillness of this phase is something that sounds so great but is filled with challenges. I bet you could write a funny insightful book about this that we would enjoy.

  • I just heard your interview on NPR and I can’t wait to check out your book! I’m going to go to yoga today and *try* not to look beyond my own mat. :-)

  • dari:

    I do yoga.
    I don’t write.
    I read. Enjoyed your book. Yoga tears flow at very unexpected times. Yoga moments with our own body are priceless. Yoga sometimes makes me crazy or do I make my yoga practice crazy. Thanks for your brave, real perspective…it helps us all to be a bit more honest with ourselves.
    I hold hands with someone who would say a simple thing that would turn the corners of my mouth and flutter my heart strings like your “growing the book instead of a gardem”
    I too prefer to go to a yoga class without a friend or relative in tow, it is wierd slant or distractingly different then going by myself. In fact I just uninvited a friend last month to join me at my regular practice and we mutually decided to go hiking instead…grin…thanks for the affirmation of our decision.

  • Thank you for your book, and the fun interview on NPR. As I said when I reposted it on our FB page, it made me smile AND think. I hope you (and your readers) can join us this summer at Mountain Pose Yoga Festival in Colorado, and perhaps provide a keynote at a future conference (this year we have Kris Carr, Rodney Yee and David Yeah-Dave Romanelli speaking!)

  • Lee:

    I finished Poser on a sunny Colorado Sunday morning with a cup of coffee at my side. I didn’t want this book to end. Claire perfectly captured most yoga students struggle on the mat, and off the mat. She also reminded me that the changes I’m seeking will take time and practice. Hears to thunder-snow. Not everyone gets to experience that.

  • danielle:

    i loved your book! what are some of your favorite books/what books do you recommend I read?

  • I just found you thanks to Yvette Francino. I watched your youtube, resonated with the chicken story because I have felt fear in my chest and offered food to my family so I could do yoga and your husband sounds really, really kind. I think I will buy your book.

  • Oh, I feel better about that over grown patch in our back yard…I may not have just grown a book but I am more aware about all growing in and around me because of my yoga practice.
    Almost done reading your latest crop….and what a blessing it is.

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